At Brugueras & García-Bragado we have a team of professionals specialized in  advising on Sports Law at a national and international level.

As  with  other  industries,  Sports  Law  is  an  area  of  activity  with  a cross-cutting nature      that brings together many different branches of Law, namely, Administrative, Labour, Commercial, Civil or Tax, among others.

For this reason, our team specialized in Sports Law is made up of multidisciplinary professionals from each of the branches of Law that can be involved and who have practical and specialized knowledge of Sports Law, in addition to a great passion for sports. Furthermore, our attorneys are up-to-date by participating in training, conferences and leading events in the sector.

We  offer  advice  to  sports  clubs  and  entities,  athletes,  agents  and  other  professionals  in   the sector whether they are engaged in sport at a professional or amateur level. Among  our clients, we have prestigious soccer clubs.

Among the main legal services we provide related to Sports Law are the following:

    • Comprehensive advice to athletes
    • Advice to the governing bodies of these entities
    • Legal assistance in doping related processes
    • Setting up of associations, federations, foundations and any sports entities
    • Contracting, management and operation of sports facilities
    • Legal defence in judicial proceedings
    • Sports Labour Law
    • Criminal Law in sports
    • Disciplinary cases
    • Implementation of Compliance programs for sports clubs
    • Challenging agreements
    • Drafting and reviewing contracts for athletes and other professionals
    • Drafting and reviewing advertising and sponsorship contracts
    • Legal representation in disciplinary and sanctioning procedures
    • Civil liability
    • Sports insurance
    • Tax services for athletes as well as for clubs, associations or federations
    • Transfer and release of athlete


If you have any questions or need more information, please do not hesitate to contact us.



If you have any questions or need more information, please do not hesitate to contact us.




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