Aware that proper management of human resources is one of the essential elements in    the success of a business organization, our firm has an active and experienced Department of Employment Law. In addition, our team of lawyers is permanently up-to-date with all the developments in employment law that directly affect our clients, whom we keep informed of any changes that may occur. The top five companies to which we offer advice have more than 15,000 employees.

Hiring Employees

Advice to companies in the formalization of employment contracts. More suitable contract categories for each worker and drafting of special and golden parachute clauses for senior managers. Legal support to the company in any problem that may arise regarding employment contracts and their particularities.

Proceedings before the Labour Inspectorate and Administration

Assistance in proceedings before the Labour Inspectorate both for infringement and/or sanctions in the social-employment area (hiring, social security, prevention of occupational risks, etc.) and before the Labour Administration (Social Security Institute, National Employment Institute, Labour Ministry, etc.)

Social Security

Assistance before the Social Security agency. Advice on matters related to Social Security (hiring, dismissal, self-employment, Social Welfare Regulations, Civil Service Pensions, Maternity leave, Retirements, etc.). Representation and defence in legal proceedings concerning matters related to Social Security.

Proceedings of Individual and collective dismissal programs (ERE)

Advice and defence in individual dismissal. Our team of lawyers has extensive experience in attending conciliations and trials representing the Company and negotiating agreements with the employees.

We  also  advice  in  the  negotiation  of  Dismissal  programs,  in  the  framework  of  companies    in insolvency or corporate restructuring situations.

Socio-occupational due diligence

The function of an employment audit and due-diligence is to analyse the business risk by means of an analysis that verifies that the Company always complies with the current socio-occupational legislation and the usual practice established.

Employment procedure

We represent and assist before all employment institutions, both Courts and Tribunals as well as work inspections, conciliations, social security, treasury, etc.

We defend the interests of our clients in all kinds of judicial processes, including disputes related to management, claims for damages, dismissals, discrimination and harassment lawsuits, administrative sanctions, collective disputes, etc.

Human Resources and Salary Policies

We guide and collaborate with companies to build human resources and remuneration policies tailored to the structure, possibilities and objectives, knowing from the inside how it works and giving the utmost rigor to our work from a socio-occupational point of view.

Collective bargaining

We participate in the negotiation of collective bargaining agreements, complying with the requirements of employment law and knowing all the mechanisms to carry them out, always taking into account the needs of the company.

Employment implications in business restructuring processes

Restructuring processes often involve processes of termination of employment contracts. Our firm is aware that these processes must be executed in the most effective way.

Study of financial statements and viability plans

We examine the company’s current financial status and future short and long-term economic forecasts. This is essential for the justification of individual and collective objective dismissals in which the economic, technical, organizational and productive causes for which they occur must be reasoned down to the detail. Likewise, we study all the possibilities to guarantee the viability of the company over time with alternatives to dismissal such as the suspension of contracts or the reduction of working hours.

Senior management

We design, negotiate and draft contracts of senior management personnel tailored to the needs of the executive or the company. We offer our extensive experience as expert advisers in the drafting, negotiation and application of senior management personnel contracts, including advice on implications arising from the appointment to the management body.

Prevention of occupational risks

We advise on compliance with occupational risk prevention regulations. We provide advice to the company from the moment the accident occurs, assisting in sanctioning procedures before the Labour Inspectorate and throughout the criminal and employment corporate liability procedures derived from work accidents.

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