French Law

Our department of French Law is much more than a French Desk. Brugueras, Alcántara & García- Bragado has offices in Paris and has bilingual lawyers with dual training in French and Spanish law.

The team is formed by multi-disciplinary French and Spanish lawyers who are registered in both countries and practice in both in France and Spain, which allows us to bring lawsuits before the French and Spanish Jurisdictions. Likewise, we also carry out arbitration proceedings in France, as well as European and international proceedings conducted  in  the French  language.  We  also advise and carry out proceedings of recognition and execution of foreign resolutions.

Our Partner, Catherine Marti de Anzizu, a lawyer with experience in counselling and litigation in both countries, leads the French law practice area. In addition, she has been a counsellor-lawyer at the French Consulate General in Barcelona since 2004.

Our professionals have over 20 years of advising individuals and companies in French private law. Specifically, we are specialized both in advising French companies to establish and develop in the Spanish and Latin American market, and in Spanish companies to establish and develop   in France and in the French-speaking markets.

Among the practice areas in which we provide advice in French law are Company Law, Civil Law, Commercial Law, Real Estate, Tax, Employment, Family and Succession Law.

Furthermore,  our  firm  is  a  member  of  the  Monassier  Group,  the  leading  notary  network   in France, made up of more than 170 notaries and 700 collaborators and also has an  international network of lawyers and notaries in 12 countries (Algeria, Germany, China, United Arab Emirates, Spain (Brugueras, Alcántara & García-Bragado), United States, Great Britain, Israel, Madagascar, Morocco, Senegal, Switzerland, and Togo).

Lawyers of the Area

Catherine Marti
de Anzizu

Canut Montané


Blay Cisa

del Olmo


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Members of the French notary network Groupe Monassier composed of more than 170 notaries and 700 collaborators.