Foreign Investments

We are a company made up of qualified specialists in different business sectors, which allows us to cover the needs in terms of business, tax, work and real estate during the various stages of a foreign investment in Spain as well as for Spanish investors abroad.

When the investment includes the acquisition of another company, we carry out the due diligence in all the sectors of interest according to the business, so that the client only has to think about the viability of the operation from a business standpoint. In this case, carrying out an analysis is essential in order to verify that the company that we wish to acquire complies with the legislation in force, that it has all the documents in order and has no liabilities that were not taken into account in the final price.

When a non-resident wants to make an investment in Spain, it is necessary to analyse the operation from different areas such as tax, commercial, employment, and depending on the particularity of the investment, also from point of view of real estate.


The complexity of tax systems makes the need of one or more experts in international and national taxation essential in order to optimize the tax load. Any investment has connotations   in taxation of natural persons (residents and non-residents) as well as companies and in relation to its shareholders when repatriating dividends to their respective countries.


The establishment of any business involves the movement of people, the hiring of employees, and consequently, the generation of labor conflicts. In the office, we are specialized in advising

and defending individual dismissals and collective bargaining in  different  employment regulation proceedings (collective dismissals, proceedings of suspension of contracts and reduction of working hours, etc.).

In the case of company acquisitions, we analyse employee contracts, business relationships and senior management contracts, among others, to identify the risks that such acquisition entails from an employment point of view.


In the firm, we also offer management of accounting, payroll, obtaining the Foreigner ID Number (NIE) and opening banking accounts services.


From the commercial area, we examine which is the best way to structure your investment in Spain and to design a strategic option for your business. That may involve the creation or acquisition of a Company or a merger between companies. For this reason, we take care of the legal advice during the whole process of creation, acquisition, sale or merger of companies, offering assistance in the preliminary negotiations, the carrying out of the initial planning of the transaction, due diligence and the end of the operation with the drafting of the corresponding agreements.

Once the transaction is completed, we offer frequent advice on the different commercial needs that the daily operation of your business requires.

Real Estate

The possibility of granting residence in Spain (also known as GOLDEN VISA) to non-resident persons who acquire properties for an amount higher than 500,000.00 euros, has allowed that many foreigners bought properties for a very high amount in prime areas of cities like Barcelona or Madrid, mainly.

For that purpose, it is important to have a reliable law firm that looks after the client’s interests. The acquisition of a property requires a detailed analysis of key elements so that the buyer can acquire it with absolute legal certainty.

We also offer local and real estate services to locate your offices and help in the negotiation of lease contracts.

In big real estate operations, our firm also offers a full service which involves, in addition to our own legal services, economic advice and architectural technical services; all of which allows the investor to approach the investment in a complete manner.


Any foreign investment must have staff in charge of the management of residents permits (GOLDEN VISA).

Lawyers of the Area



Javier Alcántara-García

Catherine Marti
de Anzizu

Canut Montané


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